Winery Kiš

Address: Karlovačkog mira 46, Sremski Karlovci

Phone: +381 21/882-880, +381 21/882-564
Cellular: +381 63/81 39 204
Owner: Slavko Kiš i Predrag Crnković
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Winery "Kiš" is one of the most deserving ones in Sremski Karlovci when it comes to promoting bermet and restoring the old glow of this truly special wine. Winery "Kiš" dates back to the year 1830. The beginnings relate to the oldest member of the line Kish, Stevan, who bought the first vineyard and started the production of wine. His successors gradually increased the area and produced ever-increasing quantities of grapes, thus setting up the solid foundations on which today Winery "Kiš" rests. They produce premium wines such as: Rhine Riesling, Italian Riesling, Merlo, Chardonnay, White and Black Bermet.

In addition to wine production, Winery "Kiš" also deals with wine tourism. It has a tasting hall with a capacity of 30 people, where wine tastings are organized with prior announcement.


Winery MK Kosović

Address: Karlovačkog mira 42, Sremski Karlovci

Phone: +381 21/882-842
Cellular: +381 64/20 98 668
Owner: Milan Kosović
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Winery "Kosovic" is a home business that includes three generations. They have 3 hectares of plantation vineyards located on plots near Sremski Karlovci. All 3 hectares of Kosovic families manage to cultivate and still plant one new hectare of grapevine per year. The "Kosović" winery has a very high quality grapes, and therefore the wine has top quality.

The production and exhibition range consists of: zucchini, Italian Riesling, Vranac, cabernet saugvinon, black and white bermet and brandy: grapevines and communards.

Winery "Kosovic" has a wine cellar buried in the Kalvarija bank. It also has a wine tasting area, which can accommodate 60 visitors. In this area, lectures on wine and brandy are organized, serves a snack made exclusively by domestic products and, of course, tasting of brandy and wine is done.


Winery Dulka

Address: Poštanska 8 and Karlovačkog mira 18, Sremski Karlovci

Phone: +381 21/571-711, 881-797
Cellular: +381 63/882 66 75, +381 60/33 44 557
Owner: Đorđe Dragojlović i Jasmina Otašević

One of the famous Sremskarlovac winemakers is the family Dulka, who is engaged in this business since 1920, and from her knees to her knee extends and promotes the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine. Today Dulka has 8 hectares of vineyards, 10 hectares of fruit, a basement with a capacity of 80,000 liters of wine, 10,000 liters of brandy, a natural vinjak and the famous Karlovac bermet.

Winery "Dulka" in its assortment has Italian Riesling, parish, cabernet sauvignon, pink, white and black bermet, vintage from '95, decorated with nine golden medals, as well as numerous brandy: cheesecake, komovica, lozovaca, plum and cider.

"Dulkina Wine House" was designed as a typical museum house of Vojvodina. In addition to old items that were once used in this rich farm house, one can see the complete furniture that is remarkably preserved and dates back to the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century.


Winery Živanović

Address: Mitropolita Stratimirovića 86, Sremski Karlovci

Phone: +381 21/881-071
Cellular: +381 63/808 66 70
Owner: Žarko Živanović
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As for the recipes of their ancestors, the Živanović family is still engaged in the production of well-known, special wines, ausbruch and bermet which won numerous awards for a short period of renewed production (Živanović bermet won the gold medals of the Novi Sad Fair in 2003 and gold medals for quality a class of dessert wines at the First International Wine Contest, organized by the Sommelier Association of Serbia, at the Hajat Hotel in 2004).

In addition to the famous dessert wines, the Živanović family has an assortment of its products: Italian Riesling, Rye Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Probus, Medovač, Lozovača and Apricot.

As part of the family estate, two wine cellars-lagoons were revived again. The Old Lagoon, built in the 18th century, is dug deep in the hills and produces and preserves wine. The second cellar stretches to 140 m, with a capacity of 80 people, and tasting wine, brandy and honey is organized in it, along with "Sremac frustuk" with local country specialties.


Winery Došen

Address: Karlovačkih đaka 10, Sremski Karlovci

Phone: +381 21/301-785, +381 21/881-974
Cellular: +381 64/34 94 011
Owner: Dragan Došen
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The center of Sremski Karlovci, overlooking the beautiful Karlovac Gymnasium, is home to a small family winery. The famous bermet beverage, produced in this winery, will delight all those who curiously try it, but for true fans of fine wines, the Winery "Doshen" offers: red wine merlot, as well as chardonnay - the nominated "king of white wines". Wine tastings are organized at the Winery "Došen". Owners argue that tasting is not just a wine tasting, but above all socializing among friends and therefore invite you to visit them and enjoy their little paradise.




Tourist organization of Sremski Karlovci

Address: Patrijarha Rajačića 1 Sremski Karlovci

Phone: +381 21 / 882-127

Phone / fax: +381 21 / 883-855

Cellular: +381 66 / 6882-127

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