Owner: Siniša Jovanović
Address: Belilo 69
Phone/fax: +381 21/2984 101; +381 21/2984 097
Cellular: +381 62/195 88 44
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web site: www.sremski-karlovci.com
Facebook: Kuća Za Odmor Belilo

“Belilo 69” is located 1500 m away from the centre of Sremski Karlovci in direction of Stražilovo, a well- known picnic ground on Fruška Gora. The villa has 30 beds disposed in single, double and three-bedded rooms. The rooms have everything that is necessary for a pleasant stay: en suite bathroom, central heating, cable TV, phone, wireless internet, and air-conditioning. Within the villa, there are also two seminar halls (small and big one) with a seating capacity from 35 to 70 persons., which are also used as conference halls with all necessary equipment. The guests staying at the facility can rent bicycles.



Tourist organization of Sremski Karlovci

Address: Patrijarha Rajačića 1 Sremski Karlovci

Phone: +381 21 / 882-127

Phone / fax: +381 21 / 883-855

Cellular: +381 66 / 6882-127

Web address: www.karlovci.org.rs

e-mail: info@karlovci.org.rs


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