Bermet is one of the first things that cross our mind when we mention Sremski Karlovci. It is a traditional desert aromatic wine that has been produced in this region for centuries. At first, it was used as a remedy. However, with the passing of time, due to its exceptional taste it was made for pleasure as well. Vienna Court was buying Bermet from the local winemakers in advance at high prices. From the middle of the 19 th century, it was being exported regularly even to America. Bermet is a sweet red wine with high percentage of alcohol (16% - 17%). However, it is the superb taste that distinguishes this wine from the others. The taste is derived from medicinal herbs, spices and dry fruit that are added to it during the process of production. The Ministry of Agriculture declared Bermet from Fruška Gora as a new protected brand of Serbia in 2007.


The first information about this cake date from 17th century. The members of the German Society for Good Neighborliness “Karlowitz” from Sremski Karlovci have collected so far almost 400 recipes. Nowadays, it is made with various ingredients, such as cocoa, raisins, almond, hazelnuts and other type of nuts. Our senior citizens still remember how it used to be taken, mostly with white coffee, but lately also with cocoa. The most famous types of Kuglof are ancient, colourful, marble and wine Kuglof. In honour of this traditional cake, “Kuglof Festival” is being organized every year in June in Sremski Karlovci. It can be bought as a souvenir in a souvenir shop in the town centre all year long.



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