Bermet villa

Owner: Vladimir Mitrovic

Address: 5 Branka Radicevica Square

Phone No: +381(0)21884544

Cellular: +381(0)648739027 (premises) +381(0)66000055 - Radovan Stankovic, manager


Bermet Villa is situated in the very town centre of Sremski Karlovci, within the pedestrian area and across the Orthodox Cathedral and Fountain “Four Lions”. There is a beautiful terrace in front of the restaurant with the seating capacity of 120. There are another 55 seats inside the restaurant. We offer barbecue dishes, pizzas, pasta, salads and variety of deserts, and everything is accompanied by the wide range of local wines and brandies from Karlovci.


Owner: Dragan Radovic

Address: 5 Dunavska Street

Phone No: +381(0)21881666

Cellular: +381(0)638042710


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“Danube” Restaurant is part of the hotel complex “Danube” that is situated at the very river bank – 500 m away from the centre of Sremski Karlovci. It has large seating capacity: small hall – 95 seats; open-air terrace with 100 seats; congress hall – 550 seats; and the terrace on the same level as the congress hall – 320 seats.


Owner: Zdravko Mihajlovic

Address: 3 Branka Radicevica Square

Cellular: +381(0)63524456; +381(0)607658106

The restaurant is situated in the very town centre, in the building that dates from the beginning of the 18 th century. It has a seating capacity of 50. During summer time, there is an attractive terrace in the vicinity of the famous fountain “Four Lions” with another 50 seats. We offer a great variety of dishes, while on Fridays and Saturdays the sounds of tamburitza music make lively atmosphere.


Owner: Maja Ciric

Address: 2 Mitropolita Stratimirovica Street

Phone No: +381(0)21884140; +381(0)2188335


Cellular: +381(0)638660545


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“Sremski kutak – Pod mansardom” (Srem Corner – Under the garret) Restaurant is situated in the oldest house in Sremski Karlovci, in the town centre (right next to Karlovci Grammar School). Within the restaurant there are wine and souvenir shop, bookshop, gallery and exchange office. The seating capacity of the restaurant hall is 40; its club has another 70 seats and terrace-gallery 200.