Patriarchy residence

This is the most monumental building from the 19th century in Vojvodina. It represents the combination of baroque and pseudo-renaissance styles. The Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church, so-called Treasury, is situated within the palace. Nowadays, the Residency accommodates the seat of Srem Diocese and it serves as the summer residency of the Serbian patriarch.

Orthodox Cathedral

The church built in 1762 is dedicated to St. Nicolas. This single-nave church is one of the most beautiful examples of the 18th –century architecture in Vojvodina. Its iconostasis is regarded as the masterpiece of the Serbian baroque painting. The coffin containing the holy relics of the second Serbian archbishop, St. Arsenije Sremac, is located in front of the iconostasis. The church got its present appearance after the reconstruction carried out in 1909 and 1910.

Karlovci Grammar School

The oldest Serbian Grammar School was founded in 1791. The present school building dates from 1891, and it is an endowment of the Serbian patriarch German Andjelic and his brother Stevan. Nowadays, Karlovci Grammar School is a philological secondary school, where modern and classical languages are studied.

Fountain “Four Lions”

The fountain was built in 1799 in honour of finishing the first public system of water supply in Karlovci. It was renovated in October 2007 due to Miodrag Radulovacki, MD, PhD, who was the pupil of Karlovci Grammar School. A legend is saying that everyone who drinks water from this fountain will eventually return to Karlovci and stay here for good.