Sremski Karlovci represents the genuine treasury of natural values. The overall surface of the protected natural areas in our municipality encompasses 1,484 ha.


The complex of the Royal Garden is situated in the town, 500 m away from the town centre. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in our country. It is consisted of two levels: sports and recreational facilities are situated in the upper level and walking lanes in the lower one.


Sremski Karlovci is situated on the right bank of the Danube that provides numerous possibilities for the development of the sports and recreational facilities. Besides the construction of a wharf and the revival of the passenger traffic along the Danube, there are plans to built sports and recreational courts, camp and fishermen’s settlement on the bank.


This is the most famous picnic ground within the National Park “Fruska Gora“. It is situated 5 km away from Sremski Karlovci. Due to the fame and importance of the poet Branko Radicevic, whose tomb is located on Strazilovo, this is also the famous place of pilgrimage for the pupils and the poets.


This is a special nature reserve under the state protection, which is characterized by attractive landscape and significant biodiversity. The greatest values of this wetlands are: the excellent state of preservation and diversity of genuine relief and hydrographic features (river islands, river branches, marshes, ponds, etc.); the state of preservation and variety of green areas (woods, meadows, reed beds, etc.); diversity of fauna (172 bird species and 46 fish species), especially the presence of rare species.

Due to its exceptional natural values, in 1989 “Marshes of Kovilj and Petrovaradin“ was declared the bird habitat of international importance (IBA). In 2004, it was proclaimed a protected area dependant on water and significant for the Danube basin (ICPDR) and it also on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance.