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Trail No. 1

• ‘Stražilovo’ Mountain Lodge – Velika Remeta – Grgeteg – Branko Radičević’s tomb – ‘Stražilovo’ Mountain Lodge •

  • From the mountain lodge, you descend through the forest along a footpath marked with a marathon sign (a white circle with a red heart) down to the road that leads through the Stražilovo valley (10 min).
  • When you turn onto the forest trail, go left towards Brankov čardak Restaurant (10 min).
  • In front of the restaurant to the left there is a stream. Take the bridge to cross it, and then follow the path uphill (10 min). The trail is marked with blue and white blazes.
  • You will arrive at the ridge to find a dirt road. Here you turn right and continue along the road (20 min) until you reach the ridge asphalt road.
  • The asphalt road bends after about 100 m, and then you turn right on a gravel road that takes you through a community of cottages to the village of Velika Remeta (15 min).
  • After getting to the foot of the hill, take the right turn on the asphalt road after about 300 m to reach ‘Šumski Raj’ Restaurant (5 min). Here you can take a break for refreshments and a meal.
  • Continue for another 500 m to the entrance to the monastery yard (5 min). To the left of the entrance, there are interesting wooden huts (‘katun’) that are worth seeing.. Walking around the huts, you reach the Monastery of Velika Remeta. After visiting the monastery, take the opportunity to stroll around the beautifully decorated grounds with water cascades in front of it. Honey and wine produced locally by the residents of the monastery are available for purchase.
  • To the right of the monastery, the walk continues along the forest road that begins with a sharp bend and gently climbs through the forest for about 200 m, reaching the crossroads where you turn right and continue for another 100 m. From there it takes you through a pine forest for another 200 m uphill (20 min).
  • There are several cottages in front of you and you continue straight downhill between the cottages for about 300 m, turning right after another 500 m approximately. There is a spring at 100 m to your left, with fresh drinking water. Continue along the same road and after 200 m turn right, cross a village yard after which you will find yourself on a paved street in the village of Grgeteg (30 min).
  • Turn right on the asphalt road after about 300 m, then walk to left crossing the bridge, and then to the right for another 500 m, to the Monastery of Grgeteg (10 min). Here you can take a longer break to visit the Monastery and relax on the benches set up on the right side of the stream. There you can also inspect an interesting geological cross-section of the land, and find the beginning of the trail that takes you back to the mountain forest.
  • The path leads through the forest, all the way to a gazebo on your right-hand side, fitted with benches (15 min).
  • The trail continues to the left uphill through the forest, leading the way to the asphalt ridge road (15 min).
  • Cross the road and continue uphill cutting through the forest along a hiking trail marked with a marathon sign, after which the trail widens and stretches parallel to the asphalt road until they merge further down (30 min).
  • On arrival to the asphalt road, turn right after about 100 m and then walk to the left, again downhill, through the forest along a marathon path that widens into a forest road and leads you to the Freedom Monument which honors the fallen soldiers in World War II (40 min).
  • From there you continue the walk and reach a large wooden structure with benches and a shade on a plateau where the tomb of Branko Radičević is located (10 min). You can take a rest here.
  • Go back 100 m to the gazebo and turn right, then after 50 m left downhill descending to the stream where you take the right turn for another 300 m to the next stream (15 min).
  • After crossing the stream, you will arrive at a wide forest road that you also cross, and on the left you get onto a hiking trail that leads you uphill through the forest to the ‘Stražilovo’ Mountain Lodge (10 min).

The trail is marked with trail markers and signposts. The time required to cover the trail is 4.5 – 5 hours of leisurely walking.