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The viticulture and winemaking of Vojvodina is among the oldest and most significant ones in this part of Europe. It is believed that the Roman emperor Probus planted the first grapevines in this area. Wine production reached its peak in the Austro-Hungarian times, when local wine was distributed to the royal court in Vienna, to Poland, and shipped to America. Vojvodina is the first Serbian region to become a member of the Association of Wine Regions of Europe. Most wineries are located in Fruška gora, counting over 50 of them. Almost all international wine varieties are represented here, as well as those that exude the uniqueness of the region, such as some old varieties named Kadarka, Slankamenka, Seduša or Sremska Zelenika Crna, in addition to Portugizer, Grašac or Italian Riesling, but also more recent ones, such as Neoplanta, Sila and Probus.

Tourists are offered guided visits to cellars with wine tasting, tours of vineyards, and attending festivals. Natural and cultural heritage provide a complementary value to wine tourism in Sremski Karlovci.