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Trail No. 6

• ‘Stražilovo’ Mountain Lodge – Branko Radičević’s tomb – ‘Brankov čardak’ Restaurant – ‘Stražilovo’ Mountain Lodge •

  • From the mountain lodge, you descend through the forest along a footpath marked with a marathon sign (a white circle with a red heart) down to the road that leads through the Stražilovo valley (10 min).
  • When you get off the forest road, go straight to cross the stream and continue for another 200 m along the forest path to the signpost that directs you left, across the stream, and uphill to a hiking trail marked with a marathon sign. The trail climbs steeply to the hilltop (40 min).
  • Here you will find a signpost that directs you 30 m to the right towards a large wooden pergola with benches, where you can take a break or continue for another 100 m to the monument and grave of the poet Branko Radičević. Here you can also have a rest on the benches set up on a paved plateau.
  • From the monument, turn right, go downhill along a wide tourist trail that gently descends to the foot of the Stražilovo picnic area and to Brankov čardak Restaurant (20 min).
  • When you get off the track, turn left from the restaurant and continue across the stream to the forest trail that follows the upstream through the valley until you reach a large sign that directs you to the lodge (10 min).
  • Turn right, head uphill along the hiking trail to ‘Stražilovo’ Mountain Lodge (10 min).

The trail is marked with trail markers and signposts. The time required to cover the trail is 1.5-2 hours of walking at a leisurely pace.